PA for Montana Fire Victims

Help us, Help them!

After seeing and hearing about the devastation in the northwest on social media, We, here at Altmire Trucking, Inc., alongside with Montana Outdoor Addicts, decided to act. Due to our association with them, and with the advice of the Department of Agriculture, we chose that location to assist.  After only a day of advertising on our Facebook page, we have received 5 donations of hay, by the truckloads, and the use of a few others’ trucks. We are intending to get resources together for the ranchers, who need it, to continue to do the best they can, accommodating displaced animals, due to the fires in that area. At this time, in Montana alone, there are over 900,000 acres that have burned. These people are in dire need of resources. Being we are a flatbed hauling business, and are in contact with many farmers in the area, we have focused on trucks and hay as being something we can help with. We would love to get more people involved. Our plan is to leave for Jordan, Montana on September 23rd. We know this is short notice, but we are trying to get help there, as soon as possible.
     Anyone who would like to donate any hay or trucks with drivers, to this cause, is asked to call us at 724-791-2200, or donate any monies to the “PA for Montana Fire Victims” non-profit account set up at Farmer’s National Bank, in Eau Claire, Pa. (Address: P.O. Box E, Eau Claire, PA. 16030). A non-profit EIN can be provided for tax purposes, to all those who donate.